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Roycroft and Grinstead have been acquaintances, then friends for nearly fifteen years. Roycroft's paintings have been described as harbingers of poems to come.


At VisionsVoice.com, Grinstead's poems give voice to Roycroft’s powerful visual creations. The poems accompany the original acrylic and oil paintings on Gallery Style 1 1/2" stretched canvas. When the paintings are displayed in different orientations (portrait or landscape) a different emotion and poem emerges.  We've presented just one orientation and one poem here.


Most of Roycroft's paintings are meant to be displayed in any orientation. And, the title of the painting will change to reflect the new emotions that burst from the canvas with a simple turn of the canvas. The poems at Vision's Voice are Grinstead's interpretation of what he sees in the paintings.


This melding of media, of vision and voice, encourages the viewer to both see and hear the emotions in the art. Together, Roycroft’s paintings and Grinstead’s poems provide a window into the artist's and author's soul with a depth of beauty one finds in the natural world.


Vision's Voice – making sense of the soul.


Friends and acquaintances


Acquaintances I’ve met on planes are not

Unlike shadows of clouds that pass under me.

There but for a moment; then forgot.

But all the same in their odd familiarity.


Friends at home and friends away are not

Unlike songs I sing to me.

Here for eternity; never forgot.

And all different in their joyful peculiarity.