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– Nancy Roycroft       




View from the wagon (July, 1853)


We take turns walking, is his rule,

Unless a body is ill…meaning dead.

I like to look out the back of the wagon

To where we’ve been, and never again.

As if knowing where I’ve been is better

Than not knowing where I’m going.

Don’t the hills make it look like a rainbow

Of fields in the afternoon sun on the grass?

“It looks hot,” she says, then turns away,

“I believe we’ve come fifteen miles today.”

And, I can see every one of them miles

Out back till the hills disappear.

I walk in the tracks of the wagon wheels

That bend the grass down smooth.

Every now and then I turn and look

To where we’ve been, and never again.

– Jerry Grinstead


View from the wagon
Acrylic on canvas 24" x 18"